Price list

     The remuneration for the provision of legal services is always pre-arranged and its amount is individual based on the time and material difficulty of legal service. As mentioned on the homepage, the first consultation is always free. When we tell you what the case will involve, including price offer, you can conclude a legal assistance agreement with us, if you are interested. Otherwise, you will not pay anything. If we will recover the debt for you, you will not pay anything, until you will have your money back. Subsequently, according to your preferences and the nature of the case, can be negotiated one of the following types of remuneration. In addition, we are also subject, that is compulsorily registered for VAT.


Is determined depending on the complexity of the thing a certain rate per hour (usually from 1.500,- CZK to 4.000,- CZK/hour) and multiplying the number of hours thing spent (e.g. we will agree that we will provide you legal services in contractual things for the price of 1.500,- CZK/hour, the final price will depend on the time requirements of the specific contract).


Agreed by fixed price, which is useful especially when you can anticipate the difficulty of specific things (e.g. we will agree that we will write you the car purchase contract for 1.000,- CZK).


Given by the percentage of the value of the thing that is the subject of legal service, often applied when we return your recovered money back (e.g. we will agree that if we will return you from the debtor your 100.000,- CZK, we will get 15% of this amount, thus 15.000,- CZK).


It is mostly applied for long-term cooperation and represents a negotiated advantageous fixed price for the agreed period of time (usually a month), when we will provide you legal services according to your needs, regardless of their time and material intensity (e.g. we will agree that every month you will pay 10.000,- CZK and we will provide you legal services for a whole month regardless of their scope).


Based on the Decree of the Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996, about the remuneration of lawyers and lawyer´s fees for the provision of legal services (advocacy tariff), in case that there is no agreement about any of above mentioned remuneration.

This decree is drafted on the basis of the rate of non-contractual remuneration for one act of legal service and the number of acts performed by the lawyer in the case. This rate of non-contractual remuneration is based on the so-called tariff value, which is the amount of monetary performance or the price of the thing or right at the time of the start of the legal service activity (e.g. the subject of the legal service will be debt recovery in the amount of 70.000,- CZK, this amount is tariff value and according to § 7 of the advocacy tariff, the price from this tariff value for one act of legal service is 3.900,- CZK. After that the final price will depend on how many acts the lawyer will do in case.

Besides the remuneration are always accounted, in accordance with the advocacy tariff, cash expenses associated with the provision of legal services (e.g. travel expenses, court and administrative fees, translation costs and expert opinions). For more information about the advocacy tariff, please see the link below.

Advocacy tariff